How Does Promitor Help?


Easy to declare metrics to scrape via metrics-as-code

Any Azure Services

Easy to scrape any Azure service through one of our convenient scrapers or our Generic scraper.

Resource Discovery

Automatically discover Azure resources at-scale to scrape metrics for in your Azure subscriptions

Multiple Metric Sinks

Automatically makes metrics available in systems such as Atlassian Statuspage, OpenTelemetry, Prometheus and StatsD

Easy to Deploy

Easily deploy agents as containers on any container platform, but optimized for Kubernetes

Any Azure Cloud

Scrape resources in any Azure cloud, including sovereign clouds
(US Gov, Germany, China)


Promitor is free and open-source with best-effort support

Linux & Windows

Support for running Promitor agents on Linux or Windows

Use your metrics anywhere

Bring your Azure Monitor metrics where you need them the most, without all the friction. Easily configure what metrics you need and send them to one or more of our metric sinks in minutes.

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Trusted By Others

These companies are using Promitor successfully in production to bring their metrics where they need them.

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Supported by Microsoft

We are proud to be supported by Microsoft!

They provide Azure credits through their open-source program that allows us to automatically test and verify the quality of Promitor.

Thanks to this program, we can keep offering Promitor for free.