Here is a migration guide from Promitor Scraper v1.x to v2.x.

For a complete overview of our changelog, we recommend going to

Migrate to new metric sink concept

As of Promitor Scraper v1.6 we have introduced the concept of metric sinks allowing you to emit scraped Azure Monitor metrics to multiple systems.

With Promitor v2.0, we are removing support for our legacy Prometheus configuration.

When using the following configuration:

  metricUnavailableValue: NaN
  enableMetricTimestamps: false
    baseUriPath: /metrics

You can easily migrate it to our Prometheus Scraping endpoint sink as following:

    metricUnavailableValue: NaN
    enableMetricTimestamps: false
    baseUriPath: /metrics

For more information, we recommend reading our documentation concerning our Prometheus Scraping endpoint.

Migrate to OpenAPI 3.0 & UI

All Promitor APIs have been migrated from Swagger to OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

Before, our Swagger docs were accessible via:

Our OpenAPI 3.0 docs are available on:

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