Here is an overview of how you can deploy Promitor.

For more information about advanced configuration, read our documentation here.


❯ docker run -d -p 8999:80 -e PROMITOR_AUTH_APPID='<azure-ad-app-id>'   \
                         -e PROMITOR_AUTH_APPKEY='<azure-ad-app-key>' \
                         -v C:/Promitor/metrics-declaration.yaml:/config/metrics-declaration.yaml \ 


We currently provide a sample declaration which deploys all the required infrastructure on your Kubernetes cluster.

Once downloaded, you can deploy it by running this command:

❯ kubectl apply --file .\deploy\kubernetes-spec.yaml --namespace promitor

Want to use Helm? Make sure to vote for this feature.

Image Tagging Strategy

Depending on your scenario you might need a different update cadence for Docker dependencies.

We provide a few options by offering multiple Docker tags:

Image Tagging Strategy

You can also pin to a specific digest of an image to ensure that you are running the same image across your infrastructure. However, you will not receive security patches unless you use a tool like Renovate to keep them up-to-date.

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