Azure API Management - Availability Badge

You can scrape an Azure API Management via the ApiManagement resource type.

The following fields need to be provided:

All supported metrics are documented in the official Azure Monitor documentation.

Multi-region support

Azure API Management instances can be deployed to multiple regions across the world.

Promitor supports different scenarios:

  1. Report metrics for metrics for all locations (default)
  2. Scope metric to a single region by configuring locationName.
  3. Report metrics but split it across all regions by using the Location dimension.

The following scraper-specific metric label will be added for scenario 2 & 3:


name: promitor_demo_azureapimanagement_capacity
description: "The amount of capacity used an Azure API Management instance."
resourceType: ApiManagement
  metricName: Capacity
    type: Average
- instanceName: promitor-api-gateway

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