Here is an overview of how you can configure Promitor.


The Promitor runtime is flexible and allows you to configure it to meet your needs:


Promitor automatically scrapes Azure Monitor and makes the information available based on the metrics configuration.

The behavior of this can be configured with the following environment variables:

We’re also providing feature flags to opt-out of certain features:

Authentication with Azure Monitor

Authentication with Azure Monitor is fully integrated with Azure AD. In order to use Promitor, you’ll need to create an Azure AD Application, that will be used for integrating with the Azure Monitor API.

The following environment variables need to be provided:

This information can be found on the newly created AD Application as documented here.

The entity in the Azure AD needs to have Monitoring Reader permission on the resource group that will be queried. More information can be found here.


We provide insights in how our runtime is doing and is written to stdout.

This can be controlled via the following environment variables:

External Providers

Promitor can send telemetry to Azure Application Insights when there is a need to.

It currently supports:

In order to enable this feature, the following environment variables need to be provided:

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